Software since 2018.


SDProductions was created in 2018 to facilitate the creation of quality software for quality people - quality people just like you. SDBagel, the sole proprietor, owner, and the only member of SDProductions, works on projects in his free time primarily for fun, as well as to build a portfolio of cool stuff to show off to people. He considers himself to be good enough at C# to make some cool stuff, and takes an interest in .NET Core including its ASP flavor. Currently, he enjoys working on web and design related projects. He also finds talking in the third person very awkward, but doesn't really know how else to phrase this paragraph since it's the organization page.

Terms of Use

Upon downloading or using our services and products, the user agrees to the license the service or product is bound to. In most cases, products will be under the MIT License, which in summary, voids all warranty and liabity to the user. For more information on individual licenses, please check the individual product repositories on GitHub. Creations made with SDProductions design services will be transferred to the client, and the client may license it with their preferred legal document. SDProductions retains the right to deny services if the creation will take longer to deliver than reasonable expectation, violates any laws worldwide, or we believe we cannot deliver something decent. TL;DR: We aren't liable for what you do with our stuff.

Privacy Policy

Upon visiting this site, you are subject to the GitHub pages terms of service and EULA as this is where this site is hosted. No other data is taken by us. Our apps generally have their own specifics. However, we never take any personally identifiable data from users of our apps, and usually don't take any data at all. For individual information on products and apps, please see our GitHub.